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What is Herbal Osteopathic Life About?

About Me
Catherine Wasik

I qualified as a medicial herbalist in 2000 and as an osteopath in 2008, since I have worked as the principle osteopath and medical herbalist from the George Morris Physiotherapy clinics in Ashton-in-Makerfield and Hindley providing a bespoke patient focused treatment approach.  I work alongside a fabulous team of physiotherapists and massage therapists and together we have a highly reputable and respected clinic.

Over the years I have added to my skill set to provide an always improving and developing quality service.  I qualified in acupuncture through Alied education, accredited by the University of Hertfordshire in 2012, I have completed the Burrells education advanced pre and post natal wellness practitioner certificate and am currently undertaking a Women’s Health diploma with the College of Non-musculoskeletal Osteopathy.  

I treat the whole body with an holistic approach, and specialise in treatment of the neck, shoulder, hip, lower back, muscular pain, sciatica and trapped nerves.  Women’s health is the newest chapter in my learning and provide help, support, treatment and rehab for gynaecological related conditions as appropriate.  

I also have a strong interest in horses and particularly horse-riders biomechanics.  My daughter is in the equine industry as an SMS saddle and bridle fitter, so as she looks after the horses welfare I look after the riders welfare, giving treatment and advice on posture and rehabilitation post injury.

I am registered with two of the major governing bodies

 the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and the General Osteopath Council.

I love being an Osteopath and herbalist and I feel it is an absolute privilege to be in a position to help people.


The Approach 

Medical herbalists and osteopaths are trained in the same diagnostic skills as orthodox doctors but take a more holistic approach, thus treating the underlying cause of the illness not just they symptoms. To become both an osteopath and a medical herbalist two 4 year degree programmes are required to be undertaken, these degrees require high standards to prepare practitioners appropriately for life in the medical field.

Herbalists use whole plant preparations tailored to the individuals unique presentation, while an osteopath uses manual techniques to treat joints and muscles of the body in the aim to support and restore balance.

Each patient is assessed on his/her individual merits and appropriate treatment given. Catherine, creator of Herbal Osteopathic Life, being in a unique position as both an osteopath and a medical herbalist, is able to give a range of treatments and can provide the therapies alone or in combination.

The first consultation will generally take between 30 minutes to 1 hour in which a full medical history will be taken, including an examination (this may require certain items of clothing to be removed), treatment and lifestyle advice/rehabilitation/dietary advice exercises. In the consultation the patient will be given the highest standard of care, with respect and dignity.

Continual assessment and monitoring will be carried out during follow-up consultations.

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