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HERBS FOR HAYFEVER SEASON From early spring and all the way through the summer hayfever sufferers can suffer an array of upper respiratory tract irritation.

  • sneezing and coughing

  • a runny or blocked nose

  • itchy, red or watery eyes

  • itchy throat, mouth, nose and ears

  • loss of smell

  • pain around your temples and forehead

  • headache

  • earache

  • feeling tired

Herbs can be an effective way of helping to address the immune system and to aid in addressing the symptoms. Catherine combines 2 different teas, one a tea to help to minimise the allergic response, those itchy symptoms and symptoms of over-production of nasal mucus; and another to aid in decongestion. Alternatively Catherine can make a tincture of herbs which avoids the making of the herbal tea. Both ways of taking the herbs are effective but it is personal opinion that the teas are best. The combinations contain herbs such as nettle, a good anti-histaminic herb; chamomile, a good anti-inflammatory herb; eyebright, a good astringent herb, plantain, a herb which has both astringent and anti-histamine properties; and elderflower, a herb with soothing and immune boosting properties.

Contact details: for more information and advice Catherine Wasik BSc Hons Ost; BSc Hons MNIMHRegistered Osteopath and Medical Herbalist At George Morris Physiotherapy Clinics in Hindley, Ashton and Leigh Direct line: 07828261152 email: Website:

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