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I think everybody i know or speak to has either had or having a cough or cold, it’s ‘going round’ as they say. Since the appearance of covid we have all kept ourselves out of harm’s way as much as humanly possible, however the outcome, currently, is that our immune systems are not as primed and activated as they once were. Most coughs and cold are of a viral nature and can give a large range of symptoms, from the common coughs, sneezes, mucus production, feeling bunged up, sore throat, headaches, low energy levels and achey muscles and joints. Other less common symptoms are migraine like headaches, facial pain, being bed bound for a couple of days, feeling hot and cold and even nausea and vomiting.

So what’s the best treatment for the viral cough and cold? Well you can pick up lemsips, decongestants, boiled sweets with soothing activity and strepsils, all of which either have paracetamol, caffeine, or other drug compound in them to aid in a cold relief and if things turn really bad or prolonged you could seek help from your GP for antibiotics. However, the world of herbal medicine has plenty of help and answers that improve immune and adrenal function, which stimulate the body’s natural functions to fight a cold. Herbal medicine has a wealth of herbs which work as expectorants, decongestants, antibacterials, anti-virals, anti-inflammatorys and relaxants that work against an infection to neutralise viral and bacterial germs.

From Echinacea to ginseng, from garlic to liquorice, from coltsfoot to lungwort, from yarrow to chamomile, from plantain to eyebright to name just a few. All herbs have a range of chemical constituents that go to make up the medicinal value of the plant and all work in various ways to provide a synergistic healing outcome in the body.

Note: If symptoms are accompanied by a rash seek your doctors’ attention.

Contact details: for more information and advice: Catherine Wasik BSc Hons Ost; BSc Hons MNIMH Registered Osteopath and Medical Herbalist, With acupuncture training and rehabilitation pilates instructor training At George Morris Physiotherapy Clinics in Hindley and Ashton Direct line: 07828261152;


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